The DC Metro Circle of Friends Chapter meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. 


  • Chapter meetings are held at the member’s home or at a local venue. Each member is expected to host a meeting.  This can be a festive “pot-luck” meal or the host can show-off their culinary skills and provide the entire meal.

  • Periodically, the Chapter members join together in a casual social event, we call “Our Night Out”.

  • We plan an event for the members and their friends can just “hang-out” and have fun together.  

  • Events include:  Dinners, Concerts, Movies, Bowling, or Short Day Trips


Past Events


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If you would like to share your skills, talents, and interest in the betterment of the LGBTQ community, this is the time. To learn more about the DC Metro Circle of Friends and how to become a member send us a message.